To access the trail walk down the promenade with the sea on your left away from the station and the Historical Center. Walk trough this part of Town called Fegina until you see the Gigante Statue.

Here you keep walking straight, not toward the statue under an archway and turn right up the stairs. Follow Trail # 10 to the end of the steps where you will reach a road that you will walk up for about 10 minutes and see the where the trail and stone steps begin again.

View of Monterosso from the trail that runs between Levanto and Monterosso

By hiking for about an hour up this trail you will come to a fork. Go left to see the the Saint Anthony monastery.

Trail #1 – Colleadi Gritta 

A beautiful part of Tail #1, marked 1.2 on the map above, free of charge, can be taken from the point before ruins of the Saint Anthony monastery, by walking inland. Taking a right at this fork takes you on Trail #1 the path coming from Levanto. This part takes you on a small up-hill path, going straight up you will get to a a rocky area and radio towers keep following the path upward. Continuing on the #1 it will become greener and lead you to the fork in the road that leads you to town or Soviore Sanctuary.  This part of the trail was cleaned in March 2012 takes you through the forest and along the ridge that divides the coast of the 5 Terre and the Tigullo coast north of the 5 Terre, thus giving you views of both. The trail takes you to the ‘top’ of Monterosso of where there is Hotel and Restaurant ‘Monterosso Alto’.  This is where there is a fork in the main road for vehicles to access both sides into town.

Alternive 1 – Cemetary, Via Buranco  – 45 minutes to town

Here you can take a right at he fork to walk the street down into the new part of town. On both sides of the road you will see private kitchen gardens, olive and fruit groves, vineyards and animals. After about a 30 minute walk take a left and pass through the cemetery and/or the charming Via Buranco to get to the historical center.